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The full functionality of CrunchCode becomes available when it is registered.


Example files (Excel)

Click here to download a ZIP file with sample files for Excel 2007/2010 and 2003.

They demonstrate the the source code before and after it is camouflaged.

  Example files


Keyword list

To correctly camouflage identifiers, CrunchCode needs a list of all keywords that must not to be camouflaged (this includes VBA keywords plus the names of routines from external libraries, so–called "references").
It also uses a list of all named constants that will be camouflaged (e.g. "vbYes", "xlDown" etc).

CrunchCode contains a list of keywords from the following libraries:

The current version of this list can be downloaded here.

This file contains encoded text and can not be edited.


If a library is used in your project that CrunchCode does not have information on, then an appropriate warning is issued. If this occurs, please contact CrunchCode and we will happily provide an extended list.

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