Missing debugging instructions

Instructions for use of lists–entries:

Ctrl + Enter insertion of a new line
Strg + A selection of all entries
Ctrl + Tab activates or deactivates a single list item

[On/Off] enables/disables all currently selected list entries

Deactivated entries are shown indented
and will be ignored in subsequent program flow.

During the treatment of a project are typically used debugging instructions, for example:


These endangers the camouflage of the project:

– breakpoints open the VBA editor at the relevant point
– test–outputs may provide hints to sensitive algorithms or conditions

Such instructions should be deleted or commented out temporarily.

Add to this list all commands that you use for debugging.
You can also specify only parts of instructions (e.g. the name of a specially test procedure).

CrunchCode will check while processing, whether an instructions
is still active and in this case remind you of their removal.