Exclude identifiers from object-camouflaging

Instructions for use of lists–entries:

Ctrl + Enter insertion of a new line
Strg + A selection of all entries
Ctrl + Tab activates or deactivates a single list item

[On/Off] enables/disables all currently selected list entries

Deactivated entries are shown indented
and will be ignored in subsequent program flow.

Enter in the list the names of all object identifiers a,
whose declarations are not to be camouflaged with "... As Object".

The following rules apply:

– ein Bezeichner–Name muss exakt geschrieben sein
  parts of names or wildcards (such as "*" or "?") are ineffective

– it are always excluded ALL identifiers that have the specified name

– the entries are not case sensitive

as standard

Selecting "OK" will save the current settings as your default for future projects.
Then they can be also reactivated with "Preset" –> "user–defined".


Optimisation of the settings or reset to defaults.
(inter alia to those values which were saved "as standard").