Forcing identifiers to be camouflaged

Instructions for use of lists–entries:

Ctrl + Enter insertion of a new line
Strg + A selection of all entries
Ctrl + Tab activates or deactivates a single list item

[On/Off] enables/disables all currently selected list entries

Deactivated entries are shown indented
and will be ignored in subsequent program flow.

Under certain circumstances CrunchCode denies for security reasons the camouflaging of identifiers.


In a class module "clsModul" the Property "GetAnything" was declared.
Elsewhere, "GetAnything" is used as follows:

Dim QQQ As Object 'Late–Binding!
Set QQQ = clsModul
abc = QQQ.GetAnything

CrunchCode is not a compiler and particular if used late–binding techniques,
then the program can not recognize whether a used property
has been declared also for the respective object.

For this reason, a camouflage is initially declined.

However, there is for an identifier no syntactic reason to refrain the camouflage,
you can enter here the name of the identifier, to enforce its camouflaging


– Only COMPLETE identifier names can be specified.
   Wildcards or the specification of parts of names are ineffective.

– Make sure that this measure no syntax errors or runtime errors engenders!

– The camouflage is enforced IN ANY CASE, thus also
   if an identifier was initially with "Exclude" excluded from a camouflage
   (see previous dialog)

– A camouflage can not be enforced for identifiers that are identical with VBA keywords

as Standard

Selecting "OK" will save the current settings as your default for future projects.
Then they can be also reactivated with "Preset" –> "user–defined".


Optimisation of the settings or reset to defaults.
(inter alia to those values which were saved "as Standard").