Options presettings

This dialog allows some parameters to be optimized
or to set on defaults.

All changes are highlighted.

Changes can be undone by:

– reopening this dialog and clicking "Reset"

– closing the dialog by clicking "Cancel"

Group "Optimization": Presets for various optimization variants.

If an optimisation variant is deactivated, then it
can make no contribution to the respective optimisation.

Changes are only carried out where it is necessary for the respective optimisation.
Project–specific values remain unchanged.

The resulting parameters are only to be understood as a baseline for further customizations.

maximum camouflage effect

Highest possible camouflage effect (suitable for small and medium projects)
without regard to the memory requirements.

Camouflage effect: maximum
Memory requirements: maximum
Speed*: reduced

minimum memory requirements

Reduction of the memory requirements, which originates from additional generated
procedures, variables etc. (recommended for large projects).

Camouflage effect: medium
Memory requirements: minimum
Speed*: medium

highest execution speed

Settings for a maximum execution speed of the camouflaged source–code.

Camouflage effect: small
Memory requirements: increased
Speed*: maximum

Group "Standard": Reset previously saved parameters.


Sets the options to the most recently saved user–defined values ("as Standard".)

Was still nothing stored, the options will disabled.


Sets the options to the factory values of CrunchCode.

These settings are specially designed for safety!
They avoid errors which can originate on account
of unfavorable combinations of presets.

* execution speed of the camouflaged source–code