Back up your Excel files before starting!

CrunchCode makes changes to the source–code.
At the same time numerous mechanisms provide a secure process.

Nevertheless, in very rare cases unrecoverable errors can occur
so that that Excel must be closed.

Under certain conditions, it is not possible to restore changed data!

Therefore backup your files before you start processing.

ATTENTION!The syntax of the project must be checked.

The chosen processing level requires the source–code be free of syntax errors.
CrunchCode requires this and makes NO checks.
Error in the syntax of a project can lead to unexpected program statuses!

To check the syntax before processing, select "Debugging –> Compiling VBA project"
in the VBA Editor


One or more modules were excluded from the processing
(see start menu –> "Project...")


Excluded modules will COMPLETELY IGNORED during the processing!

Therefore, they may NOT contain any identifiers that are globally valid.
(constants, variables, functions etc.)

Also they must NOT have any cross–connections to objects of other modules.
(content of worksheets, actions with control elements etc.)


The responsibility for this lies only with the user.
CrunchCode checks neither the syntax nor possible sources for runtime errors!


This option causes the program to run to the end without any user input.

The program will only stop for important messages
or if a response from the user is necessary.

Please note:
Changes of the source code can lead to new situations and knowledges.
In Auto–Run mode, however, the corresponding messages are suppressed.

DISABLE therefore this option occasionally to ensure
that you receive all relevant information.

Otherwise, it may result in runtime errors.

The option is disabled if the project has never been fully processed
or relevant changes have been made in the processing options.
It is also disabled if the program stops before completing the processing.


After the completion of processing the Excel file is saved automatically.

In some situations, it is not possible for
Excel to save the file.

In this case the option is deactivated by CrunchCode.
You will have to manually save the file after processing.

The "Auto–Save" option is valid for each project
and can be reactivated at any time.