Identical to VBA keywords

Identifiers that are identical with VBA keywords will not be camouflaged
to ensure that all VBA methods and names remain unchanged.

If the listed identifiers need to be camouflaged, please rename them.

HINT: You can avoid conflicts with VBA keywords
if you use the so–called Hungarian notation.

With this, each identifier has a prefix that identifies its type.

instead of: Dim    Message As String (Message is a property of the RoutingSlip–Object)
better: Dim strMessage As String ("str" = String)

Handling of the list:

The list is sorted on the column whose header is highlighted.
To sort on another column, click on its header.
Clicking on the same header a second time reverses its order.

double click: display position in the source–code

The selection of entries can also happen with:

Letter/number: Next list entry that begins in the sort column
with the respective characters
 ------ xxx
Ctrl + Space: Next group in the sort column | xxx
 -----> yyyy