Constants with Type specification

These text constants are defined with a type specification "As":

Const [name] As [type] = "[text]"

In this form, only the [name] can be camouflaged;
the associated [text] must remain unchanged.


CrunchCode camouflages constants (except for those defined with Type) by "substitution":

1. Replacement of all constants in the program code by the corresponding text

2. The Const statements are deleted

3. The inserted texts will encrypted


Const MSG = "Hallo"
strText = MSG
Step 1:
Const MSG = "Hallo"
strText = "Hallo" <– the used constant is replaced with her text
Step 2:
---------- <– the Const statement is deleted
strText = "Hallo"
Step 3:
strText = xxxxxx <– the text is camouflaged

This approach is not possible for constants with a type specification

With a "substitution" just pure text content would passed at the
corresponding program positions (step 1).

However, thereby all type–informations will be lost.
The result is usually a runtime error (e.g. "Type mismatch").

The encryption of the text assigned to a constant is only possible if it is not declared as type:

Const [name] = "[text]"

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