Unused identifier

Even though the listed identifiers are defined in the source–code,
but they find there no further use.

Such identifiers will NOT camouflaged if they might be needed for an external access
(e.g. calls from ribbon).

For security reasons will identifiers also not camouflaged
if their object–connections are not clearly identifiable.


In a class module "clsModul" the Property "GetAnything" was declared.
Elsewhere, "GetAnything" is used as follows:

Dim QQQ As Object 'Late–Binding!
Set QQQ = clsModul
abc = QQQ.GetAnything

CrunchCode is not a compiler and particular if used late–binding techniques,
then the program can not recognize whether a used property
has been declared also for the respective object.

But you can force the camouflaging of single identifiers.

Choose for this purpose
Start menu –> Options for "Camouflaging names/project" –> "Force"

Handling of the list:

The list is sorted on the column whose header is highlighted.
To sort on another column, click on its header.
Clicking on the same header a second time reverses its order.

double click: display position in the source–code

The selection of entries can also happen with:

Letter/number: Next list entry that begins in the sort column
with the respective characters
 ------ xxx
Ctrl + Space: Next group in the sort column | xxx
 -----> yyyy