Identifiers selection

This list is displayed, because for "Camouflaging names/project"
the option "Individually select dentifiers" has been activated.

The camouflage may be activated or deactivated individually for each identifier.

This is required when identifiers have to remain unchanged and should NOT be camouflaged.

Example 1: Access to UserForm–elements with use only of a part of their name

A UserForm contains five text fields "Label1, Label2,...,Label5"
that are filled successively:

For bytX = 1 To 5
    frmXXX.Controls("Label" & bytX).Caption = ...
Next bytX

In this example, camouflaging the name of the UserForm elements would
result in a runtime error when they
are called by their old names ("Label1", "Label2" etc.).

The identifiers "Label1...5" must be excluded from being camouflaged.

This situation can also occur if the names "Label1... 5"
are generated in a function:

For bytX = 1 To 5
    frmXXX.Controls(prcBuildLabelName(bytX)).Caption = ...
Next bytX

Example 2: External call of procedures

If a procedure is called by an external program,
the procedure must NOT be camouflaged
or else the external program will not be able to find it.

If you always want the same identifiers to leave uncamouflagedin all your projects,
then please enter their names in the list "Globally blocked keywords"
(see start menu –> "CrunchCode options").

Blue: All identifiers that will be CAMOUFLAGED.
White: All identifiers that will NOT be camouflaged.

Shortcuts for module types (column "type"):

cls Class module
dia Chart
frm UserForm
std Standard module
wbk Workbook
wks Worksheet

Handling of the list:

The list is sorted on the column whose header is highlighted.
To sort on another column, click on its header.
Clicking on the same header a second time reverses its order.

Click, Spacebar: (de)activates the respective entry
double click: display position in the source–code

Ctrl + Space: (de)activates all entries in the sort column that have
the same content as the current entry

Ctrl + A: selects ALL entries
Ctrl + N: selects NO entrie

The selection of entries can also happen with:

Letter/number: Next list entry that begins in the sort column
with the respective characters

Key Plus: next selected entry
Key Minus: previous selected entry

Alt + Plus next NOT selected entry
Alt + Minus previous NOT selected entry
(= arrow–buttons on the right side)