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to crunch

a crunch

to crunch numbers

crunch with teeth

crunch mode

crunch meeting

when the crunch comes

How sure are you,
that your VBA source code is safe?

A password is not enough.

It's easy to make your source code accessible!

But it is possible to protect your code!

You must make your code completely unreadable,
so that any will give up in frustration.

The solution: Obfuscating!

Extreme camouflaging of your source code

CrunchCode protects your intellectual property

An obfuscator especially for VBA–applications in Microsoft Excel.

The deterrence starts with the visual impression!

The warranty:

Same function – same performance!


The attacker will quickly become frustrated and give up!

Your VBA program remains secret.
It is fully protected.

Just very extreme options might change the performance noticeably.
But in these moments you will be informed. And in most of these cases the actual decrease is small.

The CrunchCode functions:


Additional features:

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